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  • The 3 “H” Check-in

    Asking the question; “How are you?” doesn’t always lead to further discussion.  A great way to improve communication and your relationships is by using the “3 H Check-in”.  This style of connecting can be used with your staff, friends or family.

    How is your head?  This is the mental check in.  How are you mentally? Where is your head? Are you disoriented, having a hard time focusing on tasks? Are you  preoccupied with scenarios that keep playing in your head?

    How is your heart? This is the emotional check in.  How are you feeling? Are you anxious or worried? Angry or frustrated? Perhaps you are content or calm.

    How is your health?  This is the physical check in.  How are you sleeping?  Do you have any symptoms of illness?  How is your appetite?

    Asking “how are you?” alone will lead to the common response; “fine”.  Utilize the “3 H check-in” the next time you want to have a more meaningful conversation.

    Here’s to “happily ever after” one habit at a time.

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