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  • 5 Types of Self-Care

    Self-care improves our mood, strengthens our immunity, and increases positive thinking. It can decrease stress, depression, and anxiety while preventing burnout. Incorporating daily self-care practices requires dedication and practice. Everyday take a moment to pause and refuel yourself in the following 5 areas.

    Physical: Taking care of your body will increase energy levels and can boost self-esteem.

    Mental: Find the balance between stimulating your mind and letting it rest.

    Spiritual: Spiritual self-care can help us find more meaning and purpose in life. What is your why?

    Social: Activities that nurture and deepen the relationships we have with others allow for stronger bonds and help to create a sense of belonging and acceptance.

    Emotional: Nourishing emotional self-care allows for a better understanding of ourselves and the ability to cope with challenges.

    Restoring balance in our personal and professional lives is a state of mind created by daily habits. The different dimensions of self-care and the habits we practice will not be a one-size-fits-all pursuit. We get to create our own self-care plan.

    Self-care is more than bubble baths. The foundation of self-care is love. Think about all the ways in which we love others. We do things for them to their benefit. We value their health and happiness. We can include ourselves in this equation. Like the oxygen mask on an airplane, we must put the oxygen mask on first before attempting to help others. We are no good to anyone else if we are not well ourselves. We cannot pour from an empty cup.

    It starts with valuing yourself. Then recognizing what energizes and re-charges you as well as what drains you. Finally, set limits and boundaries around those activities.

    Consider these areas when assessing your self-care: physical health, job satisfaction, financial security, spiritual health, recreation activities, and relationships.
    Schedule and protect the time necessary for these areas just like you would for a loved one’s doctor appointment.

    While considering ways to improve your own self-care, think outside the box and ask yourself simply; What do I enjoy? Foods, beverages, TV shows, books, activities, movies, crafts, hobbies, etc. What brings me joy? Family, friends, kids and pets invest your time here.

    For myself, I love good food, fresh produce and trying new meals. It is time consuming but is great self-care for me. Music is healing to me. I feel happy when watching classic 60s movies. I feel good getting sun on my face. Did you know that the sun helps brain function? When sunlight is received by the optic nerve, it decreases melatonin (the sleepy chemical) increasing alertness and improving cognition. Natural outdoor light is best but full spectrum light bulbs can be helpful. 

    If you want to dig deeper into the areas of your life where you can improve self-care check out this tool called “The Wheel of Life”. This tool, used by psychologists and life coaches, was developed in the 1960s by Paul J. Meyer the creator of the Success Motivation Institute. (link below).

    Catch you on the well side.